Shelly Craft
Challenge Master
Biographical Information
Born: 21 June 1976
Home State: Melbourne, Victoria
Occupation: Television Personality
Television: Saturday Disney (1996-2002)
Domestic Blitz (2008-2010)
Australia's Funniest Home Videos (2008-present)
Show Information
Appears In: 2011, 2012, All-Stars, Sky High,
Favs v Faves, Glasshouse,
Triple Threat
Role: Series Co-Host and Challenge Master (2011-present)

Shelley De Billinghurst Craft (born Shelley Lorraine Iliff), known professionally as Shelley Craft is the current co-host and Chalenge Master of Australian reality television series The Block. She joined the series at the beginning of its fourth season and has appeared in every subsequent season since.