Dan and Dani
Season 5 and Season 6 Couple
Biographical Information
Home State: Victoria
Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Show Information
Appears In: The Block 2012
The Block: All-Stars
The Block: Triple Threat (Dan)
Reserve Price: $992,000 (2012)
$1,355,000 (All-Stars)
Sale Price: $1,440,000 (2012)
$1,575,000 (All-Stars)
Profit: $1,440,000 (2012)
$220,000 (All-Stars)
Auction Result: Second Place (2012)
Third Place (All-Stars)

Daniel "Dan" Reilly and Danielle "Dani" Wales were contestants on the fifth season of Australian reality television series The Block. They returned in 2013 for The Block: All-Stars, however, were unsuccessful in gaining first place in either season.

Dan is currently Keith's apprentice (Foreboy) on The Block: Triple Threat.