Brad and Lara
Season 5 Couple
Biographical Information
Home State: New South Wales
Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend (2012)
Married (2014)
Show Information
Appears In: The Block 2012 (both)
Fans v Faves (Brad, with Dale)
Reserve Price: $1,114,000 (2012)
$1,802,000 (2014)
Sale Price: $1,620,000 (2012)
$2,310,000 (2014)
Profit: $506,000 (2012)
$507,250 (2014)
Auction Result: First Place (2012)
Fourth Place (All-Stars)

Brad Cranfield and Lara Cranfield (née Welham) were contestants on the fifth season of Australian reality television series The Block.

Brad returned with Dale in the eighth season. Brad and Lara were married during this season.